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Multiband Stereo Imaging // VST3, AudioUnit

MONSTR stereo imaging
Quick Look: MONSTR 2.0
Quick Tip: Tame super wide basses with MONSTR

MONSTR is a multiband stereo imaging plugin, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It allows the user to control the stereo width of a sound in up to 6 different frequency bands, and so can be used to perform common tasks such as narrowing the bass frequencies while adding width to the highs, allowing fine control over the stereo image of your mix.

Install instructions and plugins for all supported platforms are included in the download.

Feature Summary:

  • Up to 6 independent frequency bands
  • Independent bypass, mute, and solo for each band
  • Animated stereo width meter for each band
  • Linkwitz-Riley crossover design for an even frequency response, preventing unwanted colouration of the audio

Source code is available at:

Supported Platforms

Below you can find the full list of platforms which are supported by White Elephant Audio plugins. All platforms are contained within a single download.


VST3 64-bit


VST3 64-bit

AudioUnit 64-bit


VST3 64-bit

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