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Peak Filter Modulation // Reaktor Ensemble

FL;TR peak filter modulation

This is the FL;TR Reaktor ensemble, offering a unique and more intuitive approach to complex filter modulation.

Currently FL;TR features three pairs of peak filters, the peaks in each pair move towards and away from each other according to the LFOs. Each pair features the same four controls; resonance and boost affect the width and height of the peaks respectively; while centre freq controls the frequency which the peaks are either side of and peak space controls the distance between the pair of peaks.

Two LFOs are available, both of which output a blend of sine-triangle and sine-square waveforms, and each filter pair can be modulated by either one, or a combination of both.

Feature Summary:

  • A unique approach to complex filter modulation
  • 3 LFO controlled peak filters
  • 3 blendable LFO waveforms
  • Independent resonance, boost/cut and positioning controls for each filter pair
  • 2 LFOs which can be blended differently for each filter pair
  • Individual filter pair bypass

Supported Platforms

Below you can find the full list of platforms which are supported by White Elephant Audio plugins. All platforms are contained within a single download.


VST3 64-bit


VST3 64-bit

AudioUnit 64-bit


VST3 64-bit

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